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Why Choose Amir?

Amir LOVES what he does.  You don't have to ask him, it's  in his voice , and the confidence in photography orchestration will inspire you and your guests.  Amir is a Portrait Photographer.  Your entire wedding consists of people.  This focus allows you to have truely timelessly composed, cropped, and hand guided portraits that will last the test of time, and not be just another snapshot.  Amir is also a Fine Art photographer, which means you will end up with photographs that TRUELY can be fine art, which multiplies the value of your wedding to your future family and the world.



We provide photography products that reflect your lifestyle.  Whether you are a digital only person or a print heavy person, we have provided ample options for you to enjoy your wedding or special event for many years to come


Our MAIN Specialties:

Weddings, Portraits and Prints


Other Photographic Disciplines we Specialize in:

Fashion and Product photography

Fine Art Creation and Printing

Printing for albums, collections, home and business walls

Printing and Proofing for Photographers and Artists that sell print