PRICING, the big thing everyone is concerned with.  It is Important to know that Photography is ART, and by choosing Amir Leon, you are not only choosing a photographer, you are choosing an artist with a camera.  This is your big day, and Amir will provide you with heirloom photographs that you will cherish for generations present and future.  This moment will never ever be the same again.  When you setup a meeting with us, we will be able to provide you with the finished result examples, so you can put your hands on our quality products. 

Quality over Quantity.  Amir Leon knows that one great photo is better than 50 average images.  200 artistic photographs that are beautiful captured moments are far better than 600 average photographs.  We believe in quality and we know you do as well, it would be our pleasure to serve you on such a special day.


Our packages begin at $1750.00

We have great packages available, please contact:  [email protected] or better yet, call 706-393-7307 to get started.

We also do custom proposals for mid-week events.