Katrina and Dion 2018

March 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wow, one of the best parties I've been invited to.  The day started out at the hotel, where the magic begins.  The families were such nice people.  Life is so much better when great people tie the knot.  We moved from the hotel to the Columbus Botanical Garden , and all around the premises, even out into the forest with the pretty fountain.  All the friends and family were ready for a great day, which is %80 of the battle!  We had a detail of Marines to service the wedding...  (Just doesn't get better than THAT, if you didn't know!)  The forecast had %80 rain, but the RAIN HELD OFF all night until the next day, talk about MEANT TO BE.  DJ 03 was there to start and pump the crowd, and OH was it a Paaaarty!  Well, enough talk, enjoy the show below.  And if you should need Wedding Photography, be sure to contact me at:  i[email protected] or just call me like we did in the Dinosaur era at:  706-393-7307  ...  just don't say you are "LISA FROM CARD SERVICES", lol.

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