Photography TIP Friday

February 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
PHOTOGRAPHY TIP FRIDAY:  Today I was asked what type of a class on Photography, etc, that I thought would be good to have created next, here is my response: 
"The "No BS way to turn landscape and fine art photography into cash." The WORLD is waiting on such a tutorial. So far, the advice is to take part in photo contest, which will leave you with a small hole in your pocket, and is closer to playing the lottery. Versus, making prints and other products and "taking them to market", just like people took products from farms to market past and present. ...A poor photograph well marketed, will outsell a phenomenal photograph, poorly marketed. So far, in my observation, not you in particular, but most, seems to be the people actually making money on their OWN, do not give classes. Definition of "On their own"... Not begging a magazine, or other institution, that will ONLY talk to you, IF you have an AGENT (My own experience.) While instead meaning, FROM your production base -> straight TO your customer. Teaching people to join the unwashed masses to get inline to be reviewed and approved by the long line of Gatekeepers, so you can then be given a small percentage of what the customer pays. While instead, at this time in history, 2018, you can buy a printer, camera, and put a call into China or India and order your own stock and do the exact same thing that Burlington, Walmart, Family Dollar, and the billionaire business list goes on does. It seems most classes, not necessarily yours again, are aimed at hobbyist, which IS the largest market for photography classes."


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