2018 Wetumpka, Alabama Bridal Show

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Ms. Latoya of Kings Formals put on one of the best bridal shows ever.  What a high end quality crowd of people.  We journeyed the 1.5 hours to attend this beautiful event.  Coffee and breakfast was the first stop, yes, Starbucks should be sending me free coffee in old age, lol.  When we arrived, most people were setting up.  The thrill was in the air.  Vendors brought out spectacular products and had access to beautiful venues to reflect beauty upon a bride's day.  We got in contact with Ms. Latoya and were able to quickly locate our Vendor table.  We brought work from a gorgeous wedding that actually was incepted right there in the Wetumpka civic center.  Mrs. Ernest of https://www.designsbyannetteernest.com/ was busy at work setting up for the gala after party, which is coming next with gorgeous flower arrangements and spectacular vistas of the Wetumpka Casino, which is next door.  Once the event took off, lovely music accompanied us, and we were so lucky for Ms. Tonya Terry to be our host.  Ms. Terry kept everyone excited and having the time of their Bridal show lives from beginning to end.  The gowns were many and various and no one was at a loss for beautiful variety, which can be seen right here below in the blog.  For the tech-geek-photo people, only one camera was used with 2 lenses to capture this entire show.  The Canon 35mm F2 is, The Canon 85mm F1.2, and the Canon 5DSR, which is literally 3 cameras in one.  If you need your event covered in high fashion style, feel free to email:  [email protected]

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