Top 7 Reasons why your photographer is your most important wedding vendor!

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Top 7 reasons why your photographer is your most important wedding vendor.

1. A great wedding photographer does not need a great venue to make world class images.  Inexperienced wedding photographers do not have enough experience or knowledge to TRANSFORM your experience to it's grand potential.  And no matter how "good" a photographer is, if their SPECIALTY is not wedding photography, they will have no idea WHERE the actual wedding is, and therefore not know where they should be photographing.

2. Everything except your photography and video will all magically disappear at the stroke of 12!  Your delicious cake will be devoured, your flowers will die, and your venue will throw you out within 24 hours.  And most of your relatives will return to their regular lives.  Your photography IS your wedding.

3.  Photography is powerful.  Photography is the one thing you can never replace, you will change cars, houses, and your clothes, but your photography and those special moments are completely un-repeatable and will never change, and therefore is one of your greatest life investments.

4. If you have no wedding coordinator (We highly recommend having a wedding coordinator), as many weddings with less than 100 people do not, it is your EXPERIENCED wedding photographer that will assist you in keeping up with your wedding timeline on the day of your wedding.  Your photographer is the ONLY vendor that will be near you all day.  Your relationship with your photographer will probably be a lifetime relationship as well.

5. All you need for a wedding is a few loved ones, yourself, preacher, and your photographer.  Everything else is optional.

6. During a large budget wedding, it is your photographer that will make sure your INVESTMENT is properly covered.   Once again, the next day almost everything simply goes away, and the only place it EXISTS is in your photos.

7. Your photographer has all the fancy products for you to enjoy!  We have things you never thought about.  How you enjoy your wedding matters and wedding photographers have great products for you to take home and enjoy.


Enjoy your day, and thank you for taking the time to read the Top 7 reasons your photographer is your most important wedding vendor!

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