Fashion 342

December 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

First in a series of Fashion and Beauty blogs from Amir Leon.  Photographer:  Amir Leon  Model:  Taelor Moore.  We hit downtown for a quick shoot!  No backdrops had been planned.  Taelor had just cut her precious hairs, lol.  So now we had an entire different look to her, and combined it with a Veros Style black outfit.  No one else was out shooting that day, which is very unlike downtown Columbus GA.  Some models look pretty and happy all the time, and some have a lot more range.  Taelor has a range for smiling and the somber look and the experience to back it up!  When wearing black, sure you can smile with black on, but a somber face does the genre justice.  I think we were just running out of mosquitos that day, and now all our mosquitos are sleeping, just building up a hunger to feast on us next year!

So many people go and purchase these new outfits, then they proceed to take them to the movies or a night out on the town with friends or the special person..   All hogwash...  lol  ...New hot clothes are MADE for Fashion shoots...   No one has a viable memory of that new outfit they spilled spaghetti on...  Unless you are counting that Cellphone picture that makes them into instant Bobbleheads, lol.   When you're ready to make that next move or simply rock that new outfit...  Contact me, and we will schedule your shoot.  

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