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Amir Leon is an On-location and Studio photographer based in Columbus and Atlanta Georgia.  He specializes in Weddings, Print On Site Events, Professional Headshots, and more.  And as you can see in this photo, he loves to have fun.  Amir Leon provides a unique service in the photography world, by offering beautiful images honed by years of art and digital study for your portrait sessions and events.  Amir Leon is an Artist utilizing a camera, which will set your photography apart from everyone else.  

We have packages and flexible options to meet your exact needs.

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Phone: (706) 393-7307

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Our MAIN Specialties:

Weddings, Portraits and Prints


Other Photographic Disciplines we Specialize in:

Fashion and Product photography

Fine Art Creation and Printing

Printing for albums, collections, home and business walls

Printing and Proofing for Photographers and Artists that sell print